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The DSP Processor can downloadable software that allows users to further their experience by allowing the user to adjust the audio thoroughly for crystal clear audio.Adopt high level components. Extraordinary performance at unmatched value.


96k Hz Sampling Frequency, 24-bit A/D and D/A converter, 32-bit DSP processor.

3 Group of 5 MIC Input (3 front+2 rear),with indendent Gian and Recall Knob adjustment for each.

3 Master knob: Effect Volume,Music Volume and Effect Volume control each channel.

8 Setting knob:MIC,Music,Sub,Echo,Surrond Center,Reverb,Main channel and System.Can be editing parameter what you want.(Settings are stored only in administator mode,User mode can not)

All Parameter mode can be control by Control,Up/Esc and Down buttons.

2 Audio Input RCA Jacks.

6 Audio Output RCA Jacks which are Main channel Right and Left,Center,Sub,Surround channel Right and Left.

Music channel comes with 7-Bands Parametric EQ.

Microphone comes with 15-Bands Parameterice EQ and 3 levels of feedback suppression functions.

Effects come with 3-Bands Parametric EQ and a pair of Hi/Lo -cut filter. The ratio between echo & reverb can be adjuste

Main channel output come with 5-Bands Parameteric EQ. Center,Rear and Sub output come with 3-Bands Parameteric EQ.

Main channel,Center,Sub and Rear output all with Limit and Delay function.

Ability to connect with PC.

16 preinstalled and customizable programs.

Settings can be locked using password.

All chanels can be controlled throung connection central console and the device by S terminal.


MaxInput Level


Max Output Level


Music Gain


MIC Sensitivity


S/N Ratio


Power Supply

~110V/~220V, 50Hz/60Hz

Dimensions (W x H x D)

483mm (19”) x60mm (2.4”) x 380mm (15”)

Packaging Dimensions (1 piece/pack)

618mm (24”) x 550mm (21.7”) x 355mm (14”)

Net Weight

3.1kg (6.8Ibs)

Gross Weight (5 piece/pack)

22.5kg (49.4Ibs)