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Technical information

1.RMS Power @ 8 ohm: 2*280W

  RMS Power @ 4 ohm: 2*415W

2.Input Sensitivity

MIC: 15mV


3.Input Impedance: 10kΩ Unbalanced

4.Frequency Response(≤±0.5dB): 20Hz-20kHz

5.THD+N(1KHz 20W/8Ω):  ≤0.5%

6.SNR:    ≥85dB

7.Noise Voltage(LINE): ≤3mV

8.MIC Tone adjustment

Treble  80Hz ±15dB

Mid    3.5KHz±12dB

Bass   12KHz ±15dB

Dimensions(W*D*H): 430*390*140mm  Aluminum


1. 12 Units of original Japanese Toshiba high-power transistors to enable high-power amplifying and great sound effect.

2. Aluminum front panel.Pure copper transformer.

3. Duel-fan heat scattering system

4. Design with Master MIC and MUSCI volume.

5. Adopt professional digital karaoke IC;stereo mike effect and karaoke Dolby noise eliminating.

6.Speaker ternimal two group 2 kinds.

7. Sound field prompting switch.

Product technology

1.      All PCB are use made of double-side epoxy resin ,price are RMB0.052/ cm2

2.      1/4 resistance are ± 1% of the metal film resistance unit price of RMB 0.025 / PC

3.      Use SMT production process.Product stability improved.