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AP series of power amplifier by the unremitting efforts of R & D engineers, the depth of raw materials carefully screened, carefully compared, and then after rigorous testing of aging, to achieve high damping coefficient, ultra-low distortion, high signal to noise ratio, with sensitive overheating management System and safety Perfect protection circuit to ensure that the equipment can work in harsh environments, longer life, work more stable and reliable, you use more peace of mind. In ensuring sound quality but also playing to improve the efficiency of the machinery, making the product to become the first of many engineering products.

A series of five power models to choose from, with a professional input and output interfaces, make more convenient, a variety of operating modes (stereo, mono, bridge) can be used according to the actual situation free to choose.

1. Equipment more secure Excellent convection cooling system.

2. The new line design, greatly improving the efficiency of machinery.

3. Perfect phase response and ultra-wide frequency response.

4. LED indicator clarity, work status at a glance.

5. Professional HI - FI (high fidelity) design, the sound performance of natural.

6. Very high industrial design requirements, reasonable layout, safe and reliable, the whole body simple.

AB main channel operating mode (stereo, mono), with low cut, input level selection. Bass channel has a high cut, phase, ultra-low frequency adjustment and other functions. When used according to the actual situation free to choose. Multi-function, multi-channel machine design, suitable for a variety of different occasions, voice transmission and PA requirements.


1. 2U 4 channel chassis design with aluminum front panel.

2. 2 convenient carry handles in front panel.

3. Rear panel selection switch for each two channel has Stereo,Parallel and Bridge modes.

4. Indented channel volume controls.

5. Protect,Chlip, Signal and Power LED indicators for each channel.

6. Operates can adjust 8 and 4 loads.

7. Special heatsink design front to back air flow for efficient cooling.

8. Variable fan, speed is automatically adjusted by temperature.

9. Over heat,over load,short circuit and DC protection.

10. With high-quality high-efficiency toroidal transformer, high-capacity electrolytic capacitor for power filter.


Rated Power (Stereo 8)

4 x 300W

Rated Power (Stereo 4)

4 x 390W

Rated Power (Bridge 8)

2 x 800W

Frequency Response


Slew Ratio


THD (20Hz-20KHz)


Damping Coefficient


S/N Ratio


Input Sensitivity


Input Impedance

20k Balanced, 10k Unbalanced

Input Connector

4 x XLR

Output Connectors

6 x Speakon

Circuit Type


Power Supply

~110V/~220V, 50Hz/60Hz

Dimensions (W x H x D)

480mm(19) x 88mm(3.5) x 445mm(17.5)

Packaging Dimensions (1 piece/pack)

585mm (23) x 142mm (5.6) x 520mm (20.4)

Net Weight (1 piece/pack)

20.6kg (45.4Ibs)

Gross Weight (1 piece/pack)

22.2kg (48.9Ibs)