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48Bit Sampling Frequency, 24-bit A/D and D/A converter, 32-bit DSP processor.

3 Group of MIC Input with indendent Gian adjustment for each.

4 Mode Effect,each modes Echo,Delay,MIC and Music parameter show on the LED display.

4 Master Knob Echo,Delay,MIC and Music for setting parameter.

With USB connector ability to connect with PC.

Music and Microphone Input channel comes with 10-Bands Parametric EQ.

Main channel,Center and Sub Output channel comes with 7-Bands Parameteric EQ.

Adopt Latest DSP digital chip,ECHO effect has 7-Bands EQ to adjustment.

Audio Input:2 Group(RCA Jacks)

Audio Output: 4 XLR+2 Group(RCA Jacks)


1.Max Input Level: 2.5V

2.Max Output Level: 3V

3.Max Music Gain:Input 220mV;Output 0.755V(0dB)

4.MIC Sensitivity: Input 7.5mV;Output 0.755V(0dB)

5.S/N Ratio:>105dB

6.AC110V-240V (50Hz-60Hz)

Dimensions(WxHxD): 385x50x210mm

Unit Packing Dimensions(WxHxD):505x95x335mm